Fabric Matrix

Manufacturer Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Band 5 P.O.A.
Camira Advantage Aspect Aquarius Acrobat Blazer Quilt Channel Corrosion
Camira Citadel Canopy Blazer Century Blazer Quilt Hourglass Synergy Quilt Channel
Camira Era Chateau Code Craggan Nettle Collection Synergy Quilt Chevron
Camira Gravity Figaro Halycon Aspen Hebden Synergy Quilt Hourglass
Camira Phoenix Honeycomb Halycon Blossom Individuo Vintage
Camira Rivet Landscape Collection Halycon Cedar Marvel Zig Zag
Camira Mainline Flax Halycon Linden Stripes  
Camira Main Line Plus Halycon Poplar  
Camira Manhattan Hebden  
Camira Marvel Hemp  
Camira Pattina Hi Tech  
Camira Sprint Intervene  
Camira Urban Landscape Collection  
Camira Velocity Mainline Flax Stripe  
Camira Vita Oxygen  
Camira X2 24  
Camira Xtreme Silk  
Camira Xtreme CS Synergy  
Camira Touch FR  
Camira Track  
Camira Trail  
Camira Manila  
Camira 24/7 Flax  
Camira Mainline Stripe  
Camira Craggan Flax  
Chieftain Just Colour Vinyl  
Vescom Furka Vinyl  
Vescom Logan Vinyl  
JMT Crest Leather Shelly  
Yarwood Leather Style  
Kvadrat P.O.A.

Screen Fabric Band 1 Band 2 Band 3
Camira   Blazer Lite Synergy 170
Camira Cara    
Camira Carlow    
Camira Castillo    
Camira Era 170    
Camira Fiji    
Camira L2    
Camira Lucia    
Camira Lucia CS    
Camira Nexus    
Camira Racer    
Camira Sonus    

Care Instructions


Upholstered furniture gets dusty and dirty and can reduce the life and dull the colours of fabrics. Lightly vacuum or brush regularly but never use a stiff brush as this could damage the fibres.

If you spill something on the upholstery, wipe excess liquid up immediately with a clean absorbent cloth. Then follow the fabric manufacturers cleaning instructions.


Under normal use, regular dusting and vacuuming is all that is necessary. For spots and spills, wipe excess liquid up immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. If necessary, use clean lukewarm water only and let air dry naturally. Do not use cleaning solvents, furniture polish and abrasive cleaners on leather.

Keep away from direct sunlight, as this will accelerate the natural on-going discoloration process and never put next to internal radiators or heaters.


Chemicals, detergents and fabric polishes, should never be used on vinyl as these can remove the plasticiser and cause cracking. The surface can be cleaned with lukewarm soapy water followed by rinsing and drying with a clean dry cloth.


Clean with a wet cloth or window cleaner. For scuff marks, a non-abrasive automotive chrome polish can be applied as directed.

Powder Coated Metal parts

Clean with lukewarm soapy water and rinse off with clean water. Wipe the entire surface with a clean, dry cloth.

Black Polypropylene Plastic Parts

Wash with lukewarm soapy water, then dry off with a clean cloth. Do not use scouring powder to clean the product, as this will damage the surface area pattern and leave a white residue.

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